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Future-proofing your business with HR strategy

Predicting the future is never an exact science and let’s face it, no-one saw 2020 coming, did they?

So what can we do to make sure 2021 is better for business? How can we mitigate the risks and ensure we not only survive but thrive?

Well, we can learn from our experience, hope for the best and plan, plan, plan for the worst.

So far, 2020 has been quite the rollercoaster, and the workplace landscape continues to evolve as I write this. Many of us have been firefighting, working reactively and making immediate plans on the hoof. Yet at some point, we will all need to slow things down and consider our positions.

Recently, I’ve been asked some hard questions:What does the future hold? How can I maintain my workforce?, and Where do I begin when it comes to planning for tomorrow?

In this blog, I thought I’d outline some thoughts and suggestions for moving forward to future-proof your business with my HR strategies.

Where are we now?

Covid-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and until we have a vaccine and fully utilised track, trace and test measures in place, we must plan accordingly.

Social distancing, clean and safe workplaces, online meetings and remote working are likely to be commonplace features in your daily working lives. For those that cannot work from home and coming to the workplace is essential, you’ve probably done a thorough and detailed risk assessment to ensure protocols for workers, suppliers and customers.

For many employers, that still have staff on furlough they will need to decide before the end of October if they will return to the workplace or redundancies need to be made. 

Plans for the future.

Despite the current conditions, it’s time to think about how you, your business and your employees can move forward. Future-proofing your business with HR strategies is essential to create a solid foundation from which to thrive. Whether it’s COVID-19 or any other external conditions which may affect your business, it’s wise to develop contingency plans to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business.

Employee trust = Employee support.

Gaining the trust and support of your staff is essential if your business is going to ramp up its resilience. Moving into 2021 you’re going to need every member of your team, onboard, engaged and ready for anything.

These are the people that will help you to develop a robust long-term plan. Listening, engaging and asking for their input will help you to create a detailed strategic plan for the future.

What to include?

Below is an overview that will help you to create a long-term plan which adopts new strategies to manage the impact of external conditions such as Covid-19.

  1. Begin by developing a remote working or skeleton staff plan to ensure daily activities can keep going despite external conditions.
  2. Outline remote working plans, including enhanced security and strategies for increased digitisation.
  3. Create long-term plans to maintain health and safety policies and procedures, including COVID-19.
  4. Detail flexible working plans including hours, locations, job-sharing and multi-tasking roles and responsibilities to ensure productivity and service standards.
  5. Maintain your talent management and succession planning for growth and the competitive edge.
  6. Implement training and professional development training: Online and on-demand.
  7. Outline long-term plans for pay, benefits, bonuses and rewards.

Change Management Trends

So while we can’t predict the future, we can plan for a more resilient 2021. Change management will have to step up to another level with some initiatives taking a back seat while others accelerate.

We’ve witnessed health and safety, digital transformations and remote working rise to the top of the list for change. In contrast, talent management, professional development and training may have taken a temporary seat on the back burner while we fight fires and work reactively.

Whatever your priorities, it’s time to take stock, be pro-active and future proof your business and your employee’s careers for a successful 2021.