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At SFB Consulting our ultimate aim is to help our clients minimize risk by providing them with expert advice which is relevant and appropriate for their business.

We have great relationships with our clients and have built a strong reputation and track record. We take time to understand their business and culture, challenges and barriers, this then enables us to develop appropriate solutions whether it be Human Resources, Health and Safety or training.


Human Resources

Employment issues can be a minefield for businesses large and small.The sheer volume of paperwork and legislative changes, plus the 'compensation culture' in the UK has put a tremendous burden on UK employers.
We are here to help.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety compliance in the workplace has never been more important. With the need for entreprises to ensure compliance with UK legislation, which is currently motivated by HSE enforcement and civil action.
Become compliant today


By ensuring that your staff are adequately trained, this can increase the productivity of your comapny and of course avoid the consequences of workplace injury and sickness.
We provide on-site and online training

Our Clients

We work with a diverse range of industries, Automotive, Rescue & Recovery, Manufacturing, Retail, Care and Schools to name but a few. We pride ourselves on our client relationships.


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Our offices are based in Bishop's Stortford Hertfordshire and South Woodford London but we offer our services and consultancy UK wide. For more information about the services we offer call us today on: 01279 874 676 or email info@sfb-consulting.com.


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