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Mental Health in the Workplace

It’s been a tough few years. Suffice to say, many of us have struggled with increased stress, anxiety and depression. People have reported feelings of isolation and loneliness. The sense of the unknown has very much taken its toll.

So, now more than ever, we, as employers and managers, need to put a real emphasis on our people’s mental health and wellbeing.  That means looking at the ways we can improve happiness at work, and the ways that we can help to effect happiness outside of work, too.

To really make and maintain a mental health positive workplace you and your team need to be constantly monitoring and developing your policies and initiatives. It will always be a work in progress.  And you’re not alone. If you don’t already take a keen focus on mental health and wellbeing it can seem like a mammoth task to start. But it’s never too late! If you need help, we’re here for you. Just give us a call.

Create opportunity for learning and development

Helping your people to start thinking about their personal and professional development can be a key step in creating a better sense of wellbeing in your workplace. Work with your team to set goals for learning new skills and knowledge and provide the relevant tools and training to keep them on the path to success.

Not only will providing opportunities for personal growth help boost your people’s mental health, but it will also give you a far more engaged workforce.

Identify and reduce workplace stress

Causes of stress in the workplace can be many and varied. And it doesn’t stop once the working day is done.  In fact, if your people are facing stress and anxiety caused by a work-related issue, it can have a detrimental effect on their personal life and even their physical health. Of course, there is an element of stress to most jobs. However, it’s really important that, as an employer, you identify causes of unnecessary and excessive stress and work out how you can reduce it as best as possible.

Prioritise physical health

Often, employers spend a long time considering how mental health can be impacted at work, but they don’t address physical health.  And physical health, or neglecting good physical health, can have a knock-on effect on our mental health, too.  Take a look at the ways you could be supporting your team in improving and maintaining good physical health.

Encourage positive social relationships

We spend a lot of time at work. It’s important that we develop and maintain a good bond with the people we work with.  Not only does this contribute to a cohesive workplace culture, but it also means motivation and productivity are high, and it can reduce work-related stress and anxiety.

Nurture professional relationships

While your people may get on well socially, are they able to put personal relationships aside when it comes to work?  As well as this, it’s important to create good bonds between employees and managers. Not only does this open good lines of communication, but it nurtures a trust that means any problems can be discussed and tackled quickly and efficiently.

Provide a supportive environment

In order for your employees to become more open and honest about their mental health and wellness, your management team needs to make it clear that they are approachable.  Let everyone know that your managers have an open-door policy. That anyone can drop in to discuss anything that’s on their mind in a safe environment.