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Christmas in the Workplace 2020

Like the rest of the year, Christmas will be a little different this year, but you know what? It’s not all bad.

Ringing the changes might be just what we all need to blow away the cobwebs and start to think about what next year may bring.

Instead of thinking about all the things you’ll miss this year, my challenge to you is to think about what you might gain in terms of ideas, opportunities and insights.

Here’s our guide to a great Christmas in the workplace (even if you’re not actually in the office!)

1. The Christmas Party

“Oh, not another zoom!” I hear you cry.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a zoom Christmas party but if you’re going to organise an in-person event you’d better get started. Follow the guidelines and stay safe, but how?

  • Depending on the size of your workforce, you may have to think about smaller departmental gatherings rather than a whole company affair.
  • How about a drive-thru event? A movie, silent disco, car quiz?
  • Across Europe, they host outdoor mulled wine and firepit social gatherings. Dress in your best woolly hat, scarf and gloves and have fun in the great outdoors. Think Christmas lanterns, a tree, chestnuts roasting and great music.

2. Keeping up Morale

This can be a tough one, especially if you’ve had a challenging time lately, but there are simple and inexpensive ways to help your staff stay out of the blue.

  • Give them the afternoon off. If they’ve worked hard and nothing else is urgent, imagine their surprise and delight if you announce they can take a few hours for themselves. Suggest a walk, a boxset binge or their favourite book.
  • A sense of belonging is one of the most significant factors in boosting happiness. As humans, we all strive to belong, be a part of something which matters. This shared sense of purpose will help people to work together and support one another resulting in a collective boost in morale.
  • Communication: A great communicator can break down walls, barriers and boost the team. Simply by sharing insights, information and asking for their feedback, your people will feel heard, important and valued.

3. Rewards & Bonuses

If you’re in a profitable position and you usually offer a Christmas bonus, then your people will be fortunate.

However, if that’s not the case this year, there are still lots of ways you can appreciate your employees without financial reward.

Give them time off instead. Perhaps some extra holiday that they can use over the Christmas period or later in the year when it’s more convenient.

Instigate a service exchange with a supplier or local company. If you’re a printing firm, perhaps you can exchange some print services with a local retailer to make you some hampers for employee gifts, or a local restaurant to offer a gift voucher.

Get creative or simply ask your employees what they would like to feel valued.

4. Treats for Staff

A great way to help your staff feel appreciated is to offer an incentive scheme. For a job well done, a target reached or as a thank you for completing a big project there are some great ways you can say well done!

  • A monthly ‘pick your favourite co-worker’: Each team selects a member of the team to have a small reward. It could be chocolates, flowers or a voucher for the local coffee shop.
  • Recognition scheme: There are some great online apps which employees can sign up. When they reach their target, they can have a choice of pre-selected items to say ‘well-done’.
  • A trophy: It may sound naff, but it works well if you have a competitive team, especially in sales. It’s a great incentive and can be a great talking point for customers, especially if it’s displayed proudly on their desk or in the company newsletter.

5. Thank you to employees, suppliers and customers:

Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’ is enough. Whether it’s a phone call, a card or elbow bump, right now, we all welcome a little appreciation!

  • Take time out of your day to make three phone calls—one to each: customer, supplier and employee. Be upbeat, cheery and explain you just called to say thanks for all your help and support this year. Such a seemingly small gesture can go a long way.

No matter whether you’re at work, at home or a bit of both, it’s important to remember what really matters this year. If you can be mindful about caring for yourself and others, while finding the joy in the little things, then Christmas ‘in or out’ of the workplace will feel a whole lot brighter.

Right now, let’s get this party started!